Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scenarios of the Aftermath

In a World of incredulity and disbelieve, a shimmering light of the crack of dawn lightens the grey dead lands that once stood in the darkness. Lifeless with its blood sucked by tyrants that ruled the face of the earth. It is the UPRISE of nations that once were dead. It is the downfall of tyrants that once dried our veins empty of hope and dignity.
In an audacity to change; the mighty people of Egypt stepped in and once again hope began to warm the far ends of our hearts that forces justice in this world ruled by the occult of tyrants and business men. One day we will tell our children that we have witnessed the revival of dignity after ages of darkness that have befallen upon our fathers and theirs.
Today the thirteenth day of the Egyptian “Intifada” (Revolution) and the people’s will is as fresh and strong as their first day. When a man steps his first step after years of paralysis he will never sit down again; I think the Egyptian people have sit for long and now they want to run and breakdown everything in their way that will stop them from their big leap.
But what’s next? Is Mubarak going to cling on to his post as the most hated leader of a country? Are the people standing on his side going to let go that their businesses is not of the people’s money anymore? Is the US Diplomacy going to stand silent when its publicity is going downhill for the support of this regime?  Is someone going to step in and announce the end of this 30-year-old prison?
On the 28th of January; under pressure from the United States President Mubarak came out to announce his change in the cabinet and later next day he announced General Omar Suleiman –the close friend of Israel- as vice president.  A plan was shrewdly designed by decision makers in the US diplomacy to  “Contain” the situation by calming down the huge mass of people that he has stepped down and now the once-was-head-of-intelligence Suleiman will be the man of the next phase that will allow “A Peaceful transfer of POWER” allegedly to the people. Now this multifunction plan was broken down by the same person who was to perform it; When President Mubarak stated that he will stay in office for the rest of his term, the stage of events has befallen. And the Tahrir Sqaure won its first battle.
Now the US raged into fury after this obstinate old president. How are they going to stop the uprising of the people? After all the biggest tutor of democracy in the world will not accept the people’s choice if one day they decided to chose a leadership that will oppose the acceptance of Israel as an ally and friend. The next day the speakers of the leaders of the “FREEWORLD” changed their compasses into the side of the people ; thinking that the millions of young men and women connected by the powerful will to change their world that once was forced by the powers of US weaponry would not understand the Hypocrisy behind the  change of attitudes.
One of the major effects of these kinds of revolutions that they have already changed history forever ; we no more work according to what have been planned for us decades ago. The will of the people had destroyed the discipline of the planners. This manner of change will take years to predict. It is the end of a world ruled by political ideologies that dictates history rather than documenting it. The age of freedom some must say. I say the Age of Illumination.
I ask the people of Egypt to look deep into the scenarios of the aftermath:
·         They will try to force debate in order to absorb the resistance in the people’s Intifada. They have already begun to say that they will negotiate; they want to stop the demonstrations. If they succeed then Egypt will sink into darkness once again.
·         The so called “International Community” will try to hold back the people into forcing some political, cultural, economical figures in the arena and shine them up so they can force their agendas.
·         They might even make deals with some leaders of the opposition to insure their stakes are not at risk.
I think that the people of Egypt must play it smart this time. In the age of Pragmatism you have to be pragmatic. Knowing that the demonstrations have no specific leader; the people must make a deal with a public figure that will insure the implementation of their demands; Al Baradii ? Maybe but I won’t trust him! Amr Mousa? Possible, knowing that he is a clean person and maybe a patriot. There are a lot of people that the Egyptians are aware of more than I do. But my hope that for once –we- ARABS start to know how to “PLAY IT SMART” we don’t want to repeat what happened in GAZA. Look how smart Hezbollah have played it in Lebanon

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