Monday, January 31, 2011

Escape from Reality

It makes me sad each day when I stumble upon a man and he tells me about a conspiracy theory, a theory that is fully upside down that the good guys are the villains and the villains are the good guys. Today, I have stumbled upon a grocery mini store owner who was in search on his small TV for the new frequency of Al-Jazeera Channel. He was upset that he couldn’t find the frequency and when I told him that he could search for it on another Sat he stunned me by saying he was happy that the Egyptian Government cut out the Channel from the Nile SAT!! He said that Al Jazeera is the reason for all the discrepancies and fault in the Arab world! And that they are working for a hidden agenda; i.e. to  mess up with all the Arab relations for the wellbeing of Qatar!
I really don’t know where this guy came up with all that but he sure was looking for the channel even though he believes in this ignorant CRAP!
Thinking deeply into this kind of controversy I find that we all tend to escape from reality when it is about us. We find it hard to believe that somebody might give us an ugly truth about our world and we decide to ignore that reality by convicting the messenger. It is all due to another conspiracy theory – one that I believe in- i.e. the hidden poison in the international media/Propaganda that enabled the west to manipulate our thoughts and brainwashed us in favor of an evil plan to “Divide and Conquer”.
Our thought are so messed up and skewed that we began to believe that our enemies are our friends and our brothers are our enemies. We think of Iran for example as more dangerous than Israel, and of Hamas as a tool for Iran were as the Palestinian Authority is misunderstood. They let us insecure about our own strengths as nations that make us believe that we are incapable of change. They perpetuate stuff that when you see an image they want you to see the opposite. They want us to the see the glass half empty.
It was planned since the beginning of media; a strict, well studied, deeply psychological plan to empower the people into worthless machines looking for food and money and forgetting their true Identity; the identity that once ruled the world from the far east of china into the west end of Andalusia.
As for me, I am a person who reads both opinions and analyze. I discovered that sometimes I find reality and answers between the lines of Haartez or The Independent before reading the Quds Al Arabi. And from the false information of the governmental TV’s to the free opinionated talk shows in Al Jazeera, Al Arabia and others, I always look between the lines.
The Palestinian Papers leaked last week by Aljazeera showed only one truth and nothing else; i.e. The Israeli’s will never want peace even though the negotiators have given them everything, so before attacking Al Jazeera for destroying the public figures we have been seeing for the last twenty years of ourlives, who by the way haven’t made the Palestinian situation better, on the contrary they were in better shape when there was a choise of INTIFADA, before we prejudge we must extract the essence. The Ugly Truth.
Please people don’t escape from reality!!

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