Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Truth of Touch

As a big fan of Yanni I think he wouldn’t mind calling this post by the name of his new Album.
Actually the powerful description the name imposes have sent me within the tones of his rhythms into the Tahrir square with the bold sense of Truth the people are trying to impose, a Truth of Touch I may say, lighting up the dark shades of glory that manipulated the breaths of people for the last three decades.
I think guys like Khaled Said (May he rest in peace) and Wa’el ghonim will be the spark that will burn out the feeling of tyranny that haunted them since birth.
I was born in the exact year Wa’el Ghonim was born. We shared  a thing in common that since our eyes have sighted the light in this world, we have known the same tyrants and regimes in the Arab world. I hope that one day we will see our children enjoy the freedom we have missed in our lives.
God bless the Egyptian revolution. History will document!

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  1. Love it honey! I hope that the resent vagueness and demonstration -if I might say- of the present will enlighten us to a better future with the echo of pure intentions, solidarities and beliefs…