Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kick Off Post

I wanted to start my first post in my blog with an introductory about the feeling of the Arab youth and how we can change the what-have-been-called the “hibernation of the sound of nations in the Arab youth souls.”

But I rather find myself driven into the fertile rage that have emerged one morning by the flesh-made flame of Mohammad Al Bouazaizy; who out of the desperation in his young soul had change the nation’s history for ever. I can’t imagine myself writing these words of pride after such a long time of tyranny and repression. It is the burning flames of one man’s body that have sparked the inferno in the Arab world.

twelve years ago when Sheikh Ahmad Yassin (May he rest in Heaven) was speaking in a mosque in Doha to a group of people after he was released from Israeli imprisonment he said that when “Moses” people disobeyed Allah; HE punished them forty years of labyrinth in the desert. And why forty? Because forty years is the time needed for a new generation of men to be created; he said: “they were a generation of labyrinth you are the generation of freedom!” may he rest in peace.

Yes! people, this crippled old man, who have spent his life from prison to another and from field to field have read the future. It is the time now to step and say the right words no matter what. It is a new age and a new dawn that awaits the Arab countries. And no matter does the “international community” shamelessly say. We will say our words.

Enough of the American Hypocrisy, enough of people putting words in our mouths. The new dawn has broken and what awaits is still vague. But I see a brighter future. Let’s always hold our arms together to build the new age of men. The age of the Arabs; sons of Mohammad, Jesus, and Ibrahim. The age of holy revolutions.

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