Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Weak Shadow of the Mountain

In the break of dawn we marched to the vivid light beside the dark mountain. The pace was quick. The cold winds coming from the east were retreating. We hadn’t much time. The peak was far away, but the steady pace was revealing the path to the top. It began on the 23rd of December our journey; we were few then, others just began to follow but now nothing is stopping us. The dark forces controlling the mountain were waiting eagerly to hold back the flow. A blood bath was in the make.
Only the steady quick steps of the fellow revolutionaries were heard in the mass march to the peak. It has been 65 years since we have seen the fields behind this smoky mountain. One day a friend told me that there are miles of green fields with the white blooms of Almond; evergreen bright with roses red black and white.
A myth we have dreamed of since the beginning of time. Are we on the right track? That is up to us to decide, but after all dying with dignity is better than living in insolence.
This ghastly shadow of the mountain began to retreat as we approached. It will be sometime but definitely The Peak is where we party.
This rhetoric introduction is what I have been feeling for the last 12 days as I see the authoritarian Gaddafi regime falling in the speed of light. 42 years have ended in 12 days or a little bit more. We are witnessing today tin men; the monstrous figures came out to be stuffed with fear within.
We are on the way, and Palestine is where we party. Patience…patience…patience

Photo: Faris Odeh;  Palestinian boy shot dead by the Israel Defense Forces near the Karni crossing in the Gaza Strip while throwing stones in the second month of the Al-Aqsa Intifada.

A picture of Odeh standing alone in front of a tank, with a stone in his hand and arm bent back to throw it, was taken by a photojournalist from the Associated Press on October 29, 2000. Ten days later, on November 9, Odeh was again throwing stones at Karni when he was shot in the neck by Israeli troops. The boy and the image subsequently assumed iconic status within the Palestinian territories as symbols of resistance to the area's occupation by Israel.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The World Has Changed

"The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was, is lost, for none now live who remember it."

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scratches to my Daughter

It was the beginning of February. The cold winds of winter were still late; perhaps the winters are different now. Perhaps the skies have foreboded the rains from us.  In this gloomy image I saw the change in the world. It was strong impulsive and bitter but hope arises when change breaks down the tears of the past. The road was clear, and the skies were pale in the grayness of the weak winter blanket. There wasn’t a soul on the narrow long road ahead.
I stopped my car and walked slowly towards the only tree lying on the side of this abandoned road; an old oak tree that explains the harshness of abandonment. Its branches spanned straight into the blue-gray skies, and the few orphaned leaves on the old branches revealed that the summer was harder than the coming springs. When I looked at the trunk of the tree a message was etched. I tried to decode the scratchy handwriting that seemed older than the road that passed. It read:

“Tell my Daughter to be proud; I took the right path”
                                                                        Martyr of freedom

I felt my heart pumping fast and my head began to turn around; how powerful these few words were, how astonishing a stranger has affected my life. I took out my journal and wrote:
“My dearest daughter
This the day I discovered how important my life is to you, and how more important my death is to myself. If I die one day, I want you to know that I love you, as much as I love your mother. If I die one day – and everybody will- and I hadn’t told you these words yet, please know that freedom is more important than the air we breathe and that you have been born into a world where we have lost our faiths in GOD; but GOD is the most merciful. Live your life with pride because your daddy has chosen the path to freedom.”

This post and song is dedicated to my daughter Sarah

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Truth of Touch

As a big fan of Yanni I think he wouldn’t mind calling this post by the name of his new Album.
Actually the powerful description the name imposes have sent me within the tones of his rhythms into the Tahrir square with the bold sense of Truth the people are trying to impose, a Truth of Touch I may say, lighting up the dark shades of glory that manipulated the breaths of people for the last three decades.
I think guys like Khaled Said (May he rest in peace) and Wa’el ghonim will be the spark that will burn out the feeling of tyranny that haunted them since birth.
I was born in the exact year Wa’el Ghonim was born. We shared  a thing in common that since our eyes have sighted the light in this world, we have known the same tyrants and regimes in the Arab world. I hope that one day we will see our children enjoy the freedom we have missed in our lives.
God bless the Egyptian revolution. History will document!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scenarios of the Aftermath

In a World of incredulity and disbelieve, a shimmering light of the crack of dawn lightens the grey dead lands that once stood in the darkness. Lifeless with its blood sucked by tyrants that ruled the face of the earth. It is the UPRISE of nations that once were dead. It is the downfall of tyrants that once dried our veins empty of hope and dignity.
In an audacity to change; the mighty people of Egypt stepped in and once again hope began to warm the far ends of our hearts that forces justice in this world ruled by the occult of tyrants and business men. One day we will tell our children that we have witnessed the revival of dignity after ages of darkness that have befallen upon our fathers and theirs.
Today the thirteenth day of the Egyptian “Intifada” (Revolution) and the people’s will is as fresh and strong as their first day. When a man steps his first step after years of paralysis he will never sit down again; I think the Egyptian people have sit for long and now they want to run and breakdown everything in their way that will stop them from their big leap.
But what’s next? Is Mubarak going to cling on to his post as the most hated leader of a country? Are the people standing on his side going to let go that their businesses is not of the people’s money anymore? Is the US Diplomacy going to stand silent when its publicity is going downhill for the support of this regime?  Is someone going to step in and announce the end of this 30-year-old prison?
On the 28th of January; under pressure from the United States President Mubarak came out to announce his change in the cabinet and later next day he announced General Omar Suleiman –the close friend of Israel- as vice president.  A plan was shrewdly designed by decision makers in the US diplomacy to  “Contain” the situation by calming down the huge mass of people that he has stepped down and now the once-was-head-of-intelligence Suleiman will be the man of the next phase that will allow “A Peaceful transfer of POWER” allegedly to the people. Now this multifunction plan was broken down by the same person who was to perform it; When President Mubarak stated that he will stay in office for the rest of his term, the stage of events has befallen. And the Tahrir Sqaure won its first battle.
Now the US raged into fury after this obstinate old president. How are they going to stop the uprising of the people? After all the biggest tutor of democracy in the world will not accept the people’s choice if one day they decided to chose a leadership that will oppose the acceptance of Israel as an ally and friend. The next day the speakers of the leaders of the “FREEWORLD” changed their compasses into the side of the people ; thinking that the millions of young men and women connected by the powerful will to change their world that once was forced by the powers of US weaponry would not understand the Hypocrisy behind the  change of attitudes.
One of the major effects of these kinds of revolutions that they have already changed history forever ; we no more work according to what have been planned for us decades ago. The will of the people had destroyed the discipline of the planners. This manner of change will take years to predict. It is the end of a world ruled by political ideologies that dictates history rather than documenting it. The age of freedom some must say. I say the Age of Illumination.
I ask the people of Egypt to look deep into the scenarios of the aftermath:
·         They will try to force debate in order to absorb the resistance in the people’s Intifada. They have already begun to say that they will negotiate; they want to stop the demonstrations. If they succeed then Egypt will sink into darkness once again.
·         The so called “International Community” will try to hold back the people into forcing some political, cultural, economical figures in the arena and shine them up so they can force their agendas.
·         They might even make deals with some leaders of the opposition to insure their stakes are not at risk.
I think that the people of Egypt must play it smart this time. In the age of Pragmatism you have to be pragmatic. Knowing that the demonstrations have no specific leader; the people must make a deal with a public figure that will insure the implementation of their demands; Al Baradii ? Maybe but I won’t trust him! Amr Mousa? Possible, knowing that he is a clean person and maybe a patriot. There are a lot of people that the Egyptians are aware of more than I do. But my hope that for once –we- ARABS start to know how to “PLAY IT SMART” we don’t want to repeat what happened in GAZA. Look how smart Hezbollah have played it in Lebanon

Monday, January 31, 2011

Escape from Reality

It makes me sad each day when I stumble upon a man and he tells me about a conspiracy theory, a theory that is fully upside down that the good guys are the villains and the villains are the good guys. Today, I have stumbled upon a grocery mini store owner who was in search on his small TV for the new frequency of Al-Jazeera Channel. He was upset that he couldn’t find the frequency and when I told him that he could search for it on another Sat he stunned me by saying he was happy that the Egyptian Government cut out the Channel from the Nile SAT!! He said that Al Jazeera is the reason for all the discrepancies and fault in the Arab world! And that they are working for a hidden agenda; i.e. to  mess up with all the Arab relations for the wellbeing of Qatar!
I really don’t know where this guy came up with all that but he sure was looking for the channel even though he believes in this ignorant CRAP!
Thinking deeply into this kind of controversy I find that we all tend to escape from reality when it is about us. We find it hard to believe that somebody might give us an ugly truth about our world and we decide to ignore that reality by convicting the messenger. It is all due to another conspiracy theory – one that I believe in- i.e. the hidden poison in the international media/Propaganda that enabled the west to manipulate our thoughts and brainwashed us in favor of an evil plan to “Divide and Conquer”.
Our thought are so messed up and skewed that we began to believe that our enemies are our friends and our brothers are our enemies. We think of Iran for example as more dangerous than Israel, and of Hamas as a tool for Iran were as the Palestinian Authority is misunderstood. They let us insecure about our own strengths as nations that make us believe that we are incapable of change. They perpetuate stuff that when you see an image they want you to see the opposite. They want us to the see the glass half empty.
It was planned since the beginning of media; a strict, well studied, deeply psychological plan to empower the people into worthless machines looking for food and money and forgetting their true Identity; the identity that once ruled the world from the far east of china into the west end of Andalusia.
As for me, I am a person who reads both opinions and analyze. I discovered that sometimes I find reality and answers between the lines of Haartez or The Independent before reading the Quds Al Arabi. And from the false information of the governmental TV’s to the free opinionated talk shows in Al Jazeera, Al Arabia and others, I always look between the lines.
The Palestinian Papers leaked last week by Aljazeera showed only one truth and nothing else; i.e. The Israeli’s will never want peace even though the negotiators have given them everything, so before attacking Al Jazeera for destroying the public figures we have been seeing for the last twenty years of ourlives, who by the way haven’t made the Palestinian situation better, on the contrary they were in better shape when there was a choise of INTIFADA, before we prejudge we must extract the essence. The Ugly Truth.
Please people don’t escape from reality!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kick Off Post

I wanted to start my first post in my blog with an introductory about the feeling of the Arab youth and how we can change the what-have-been-called the “hibernation of the sound of nations in the Arab youth souls.”

But I rather find myself driven into the fertile rage that have emerged one morning by the flesh-made flame of Mohammad Al Bouazaizy; who out of the desperation in his young soul had change the nation’s history for ever. I can’t imagine myself writing these words of pride after such a long time of tyranny and repression. It is the burning flames of one man’s body that have sparked the inferno in the Arab world.

twelve years ago when Sheikh Ahmad Yassin (May he rest in Heaven) was speaking in a mosque in Doha to a group of people after he was released from Israeli imprisonment he said that when “Moses” people disobeyed Allah; HE punished them forty years of labyrinth in the desert. And why forty? Because forty years is the time needed for a new generation of men to be created; he said: “they were a generation of labyrinth you are the generation of freedom!” may he rest in peace.

Yes! people, this crippled old man, who have spent his life from prison to another and from field to field have read the future. It is the time now to step and say the right words no matter what. It is a new age and a new dawn that awaits the Arab countries. And no matter does the “international community” shamelessly say. We will say our words.

Enough of the American Hypocrisy, enough of people putting words in our mouths. The new dawn has broken and what awaits is still vague. But I see a brighter future. Let’s always hold our arms together to build the new age of men. The age of the Arabs; sons of Mohammad, Jesus, and Ibrahim. The age of holy revolutions.